10 things to do to SPARK CREATIVITY and inspiration IN YOUR LIFE
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10 things to do to SPARK CREATIVITY and inspiration IN YOUR LIFE

Creativity is defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”

It’s an amazing force that arrives to us in the shape of an art piece, a new idea for our blogs or businesses or simply to spark our imagination and create something of value. Elusive at times, it is difficult to capture it and make it our own for long periods of time. We’ve all been there facing the blank canvas, blank notebook page and thought “What now?” We all have the talent, the skills, but sometimes inspiration and creativity are just not there.

What do we do next?! First of all, we can’t panic. That’s when we start thinking all sorts of things like: I can’t do this, or I’m not good enough, or I will never become a better artist/writer/entrepreneur.

That’s basically me when I can’t tap into my creativity and inspiration!

So what can we do instead of panicking? There are so many options, but I will just name a few for starters

1. Step Away from the canvas/notebook/laptop and breath

Step away from the vehicle, please! Take a couple of breaths and focus on it. You can even practice some breathing exercises to calm down and connect with your breath. This will allow you to reduce the stress cause by not being able to be creative at the moment. This helps a lot!

2. Watch an inspiring documentary

You can gather so much inspiration material from a good documentary. That material in return can generate many new creative ideas that you can apply to your work. Good documentaries help you to focus on other people, their struggles and wins in life. It brings you out of your own bubble and worries, and helps you empathize with people. Here’s a list of inspiring documentaries:



Free Solo

Abstract The Art of Design

3. Write how you feel

Get your pen and journal and just write how you feel. Write about your frustration with the blank canvas, the unwritten novel, just anything that’s in your mind. Write it out and burn it!! No, just kidding, but do get rid of it. Cut the paper into tiny pieces and visualize your worries about your work disappear. This is just a visualization exercise that will clear your mind and make space for inspiration and creativity to flow.

4. Play inspiring music and dance like no one is watching

Get your favorite playlist on and sing, dance, pretend you are the lead singer and karaoke the heck out of the song. Simply put, have fun with music, feel it, let it inspire your next creation. Listen to the lyrics, if there are any, and let that motivate you.

5. Exercise

Wether is yoga, running, lifting. Whatever it is you do to exercise, do it! That will release some endorphins and keep you pumped to do your creative work. Who knows maybe while you are exercising you get an AHA moment that will push your creative work that day to a whole new level.

6. Talk to a friend

It’s always nice to have a support group of friends and family who get you and listen to you when things get rough. Talk to someone about how you feel, about feeling uninspired, or whatever you want to talk about. You will feel supported, listened to, happy that you got to catch up with your friend. That conversation might get you in the creativity flow and happy to have that person in your life.

7. Read a book

Reading is an amazing tool at our disposal when we want to travel to new worlds in our minds and disconnect for a bit. You can always get an idea or two from reading, even more so if it’s an inspiring book about what you love.

8. Meditate

I always try to meditate everyday for 15-30 minutes. It’s an amazing way to connect with your inner self, ask for guidance and continue your day. It also works wonders when I feel in a rut, out of creativity and inspiration. It clears my mind and helps me focus on what really matters.

9. Spend time with your family

Spending quality time with your significant other, family or pet is always a great way to unwind, disconnect and find the inspiration you need. Maybe you’ll get inspired by the conversation with your family, or maybe is just the quiet company of your pet that will ignite the flame of your creative ideas.

10. Do the work anyways

When all else fails, do the work anyways. The truth is that if you are not doing your work, it will just be unfinished until you feel like it. Discipline and a to do list might come handy in this situation. Just start working on something small, piece by piece it will unfold into something you appreciate and love.

And there’s that! Thanks so much for reading my tips for finding inspiration and creativity in your life. What keeps you creative and inspired?

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