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What you offer to the world is unique and wonderful. 

Together we can tell a visual story that reflects that.

Meet Jonellys — Branding, Web Design Expert and Eco-Friendly Geek.


Hi There!


I’m an artist, designer, and ukulele enthusiast from the tiny island of Puerto Rico, currently living in Texas. I help environmentally conscious, wonderful professionals create brands & websites and connect with their ideal clients.


I spend most of my free time painting, drawing, writing, playing the ukulele, hiking, and taking photographs in nature.


My personal interests have always been inseparable from my work and I always bring my whole heart and self to each role I’ve taken. Which is why I created Jonellys M. Art and Design.

My Boutique Design Studio


I started my entrepreneurial journey with an Etsy store in 2014, where I would sell my jewelry and art prints while I was still in college. Slowly it started to take shape and grow, like a turtle coming out of its egg and slowly making its way to the ocean.


But something was missing, I didn’t want my business to just be about design. I wanted to emphasize the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable ways of doing design. From the paper we use, to the ink, to the places where we host our websites.


These things are equally important to the aesthetic we choose in our designs. It’s our way of doing what we can to lower our carbon emissions, create processes that use less paper, and do our part to make the world a better place for us all.

Core Values


I will show respect and empathy towards you and your goals.


I will communicate with you about your designs and needs in a professional and timely manner.

Eco Friendly Focus

I will find the best materials, hosting services and printers that also align with lowering our carbon footprint.


You will always have a clear picture of the process and where your investment is going.


I will deliver high value at a price that is fair to both client and designer.


I will give of my time freely to environmental causes and will donate some of my profits to environment non profits.

Whether you are creating schools around the world, helping shelter dogs find a home, creating a food truck… No matter what it is you do, you can be sure that by being authentic, and giving, you will deliver successfully to your audience and attract that positive energy we all need.


My approach to design can be defined as holistic, heart-centered and eco-friendly. It’s about claiming your unique talents, personality, and positivity to attract the right audience and help you connect with your dream clients while making a positive impact in the world.


We will find what makes you unique in your field. We hone in on what kind of people are most likely to show interest in your work.


After we have all this information on what you can offer as a human being and business, we package it into your logo, branding, and web design.


The design magic won’t happen overnight. It has to be created from what’s going on with you and your business.


If you need an ally to take care of your entire visual brand identity and all of its applications, I’d be happy to help!